Montreal Tips Feature: Ray Sabbagh | Montreal Photographer

Ray Sabbagh Montreal Based Photographer

Based in Montreal, Ray Sabbagh takes his photography skills to new heights as he is always looking for different ways to capture the moment in the best way possible. While most of his pictures are based in and around the Montreal area, there is something very wholesome and astutely Canadian about his work. It is especially evident when looking at his nature work on his profile as he is able to truly capture the beauty of Montreal during the peaks of its seasons.

Ray uses a unique combination of classic photography, lens-ball, and drone photography to best capture different images and aspects as he is growing and defining his own personality and style as a modern photographer. He also uses his drones to capture 4k videos around Montreal and can really capture the essence of Montreal from a unique perspective.

His modern and unique approach to his photography really enables him to take incredible bird-eye view pictures that you wouldn’t be able to normally see otherwise; in other words, we can experience Montreal in new and different ways through his work.

He is also currently available for personal photoshoots so take advantage if you’ve always thought about doing one! With everything going on it is important we support our local artists, check out his site at or follow his Insta @ray__sabbagh


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