Best Korean BBQ Spots in Montreal

Best Korean BBQ Spots in Montreal

Top 5 Korean BBQ In Montreal

Korean BBQ creates a unique flavor and deliciousness due to high heating grills that break down proteins into amino acids, allowing you to eat healthy food. Montreal is home to some of the best Korean BBQ spots, offering delicious food you might never have experienced before.

The best thing about Korean BBQ spots in Montreal is that you and your friends or family will gather around the grill to cook and eat your food. While you have a plethora of options to explore, we recommend the following best Korean BBQ restaurants or spots in Montreal. Read on!

1.    Kalbi Korean BBQ

Kalbi Korean is the most famous BBQ spot in Montreal, offers a pleasant, well-decorated, cozy, and vibrant environment for everyone to enjoy delicious BBQ. We recommend this place for romantic couples, families, and friends. Kalbi has a large room with modern tables, grills, and tools, to cook and eat your own BBQ.

Kali Korean has well-ventilated tables that allow the smoke to escape from the premises efficiently and quickly. That way, you can cook and enjoy your favourite BBQ dishes without any problems. The purpose is to have a comfortable and convenient experience. Combine your BBQ with quality sake and wine for more delight.

2.    Daldongnae BBQ

Daldongnae has quickly gained popularity among BBQ lovers in Montreal, thanks to the comfortable and stylish environment that allows you to cook your own beef and pork and serve your family and friends a delicious Korean BBQ with style.

Although beef and pork BBQs are the main options, Daldongnae also offers food items you can combine with your barbeque to enhance your dining. These include Haemul Pajeon, a food item made of seafood and different vegetables. Besides, the atmosphere here is vibrant and lively.

Korean BBQ

3.    Sota BBQ

Sota BBQ is a perfect spot for adults to enjoy mouthwatering and smoky grilled meat. The restaurant stays open until 3 AM, meaning you can visit it with your friends at midnight to spend some quality time and relish the crunchy texture and lip-smacking taste of BBQ.

In addition, Sota BBQ is a perfect spot in Montreal for eating authentic Korean BBQ, prawns, steaks, and beef. Combine your grilled meat with delicious lemonade or wine to create a unique dining experience.

Not only will you love the comfortable environment and cozy ambiance, but you will also appreciate the modern décor. All dishes, including grilled meat or BBQs, are available at the most affordable prices.

4.    K BBQ CoreenSomeone eating at Korean bbq

K BBQ Coreen offers the smoky richness of meat and fat with a delightful taste. It is another cozy Korean BBQ spot in Montreal with a blend of traditional and modern infrastructure. The stone walls, wooden beams that hang low, and dim lighting feel like you are in a cabin.

K BBQ Coreen offers a wide variety of BBQ dishes, ranging from pork belly to OX tongue to short ribs marinated in organic spices and sauces. If you don’t want to grill the meat yourself, you can eat fried chicken and spicy noodles.

The restaurant has experienced, skilled, and friendly staff who welcome you and guide you through one of the most fantastic grilling experiences. K BBQ Coreen is an ideal spot for people of all ages, including children, teens, and adults.

5.    Seoul Chako

Seoul Chako offers a friendly atmosphere for families and friends, allowing guests to cook up their own BBQ using state-of-the-art tables equipped with modern grills. You can eat pork bone soup or crab meat salad as a starter to ready your stomach for the flavorful, smoky, and crunchy meat.

Seoul Chako offers outdoor seating for its guests, so you can enjoy fresh air and fragrances from marinated meat on the BBQ grill to soothe your nostrils. So, if you are looking for an authentic Korean BBQ spot in Montreal, look no further than Seoul Chako.

Final Words

Although you can have a BBQ party at home, you will never enjoy deepened, smoky flavour of savoury meat other than Korean BBQ spots. These Korean BBQ spots in Montreal offer families, friends, and couples to spend quality time enjoying salty, sweet, and tangy BBQ.

Article based on personal opinion and research.

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