5 Best Waffle Spots in Montreal

5 Best Waffle Spots in Montreal

Are you looking for the best waffle spots in the beautiful city of Montreal? If yes, check out this post to get a list of the five best waffle spots!

5 Best Waffle Spots in Montrealwaffle in a plate in a store in montreal

Waffles are mouthwatering breakfast and brunch food made with yeast or pancake-like batter. Canadians love eating waffles because it is delicious and an integral part of street food. People in Montreal eat waffles with chicken, bacon, banana bread, chocolate-raspberry cakes, and grilled cheese in breakfast and brunch.

It tastes like pancakes, thanks to the crisp texture and delectable flavor. Montreal has some of the best waffle spots, offering savory and sweet waffles based on the customers’ requirements. So, if you are in Montreal and looking for the best waffle spots, you have landed in the right place. Read on!

1.    Bar a Gaufre Waffle Bar

Bar a Gaufre Waffle Bar is a relatively new spot in Montreal that offers fresh, quality, and delicious waffles. Unlike other places in Montreal that sell traditional waffles, Bar a Gaufre Waffle Bar specializes in Waffle-sticks, the best item on their menu.

The Bar’s specialists top waffles with white chocolate, Nutella, milk chocolate, and other ingredients based on the customer’s needs. In addition, the Bar also offers waffle-bites, another delicious item available in four flavors: cinnamon, red velvet, Belgian, and chocolate.

We recommend eating the Belgian Waffle in breakfast or brunch because it is one of the best items on the Bar’s menu and has a natural flavor. The Bar’s waffle experts glaze the item with chocolate sauce and icing, sprinkles, and top with mini marshmallows.

2.    Cacao 70

Cacao 70 is another best restaurant in Montreal that offers a wide range of food items in the breakfast and brunch. However, most locals and tourists visit this place to relish the delectable waffles. The restaurant offers six different waffle items on the menu.

Although you can choose waffles according to your taste, we recommend the tutti-frutti as the best item you can taste. It is a classic waffle with toffee bananas, fresh strawberries, milk chocolate chunks, chocolate-covered ice cream, and melted chocolate. Cacao 70 is the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth if you love waffles.

3.    Mate Latte

Mate Latte offers a wide range of delectable waffle options you can choose from, including sweet and savory waffles. Dulce De Leche is Waffle you can miss because it is the most delicious item available on Mate Latte’s menu.

In addition, you must taste the Banana Foster, another item you can eat to satisfy your savory tooth. Don’t forget to try the restaurant’s delicious latte to wash it all down. So, Mate Latte is the epitome of fresh and delicious waffles in Montreal.

4.    Eggspectationswaffles on a plate with chocolate

Eggspectations has multiple locations in Montreal, offering delectable breakfast and brunch items you won’t find anywhere else in Quebec. Not only is the food delicious, but the staff also ensures each item is readily available to the customers.

Although Eggspectations offer four different kinds of waffles, the best one to taste is the Belgian Waffle Page, a delectable item made with a fresh fruit mix, crème anglaise, and Canadian maple syrup on a fluffy golden waffle.

5.    Renoir Restaurant

Renoir Restaurant is the best waffle spot in Downtown Montreal. While the restaurant attracts many people every day to eat flavorful food, it is famous for its crispy Belgian waffles with caramelized pecans, fresh berries, and orange cream.

Keep in mind that this Waffle is the staple item on Renoir Restaurant’s breakfast menu. The combination of rich texture and flavors on a well-made waffle is delectable enough to make you feel fresh throughout the day.

In addition to waffles, other breakfast and brunch items on the menu will cause you to come back to Renoir restaurant again and again. The staff is friendly and professional, and the indoor ambiance is lively and vibrant, with crowds waiting to taste the delectable waffles in breakfast.

Final Words

Waffles are one of the most delicious breakfast items loved by people of all ages and walks of life. In simple words, when you see waffles on a menu, you can refuse to order. Waffles kind of taste like pancakes and are sweet, delicious, and savory, depending on the ingredients used and the skills of a professional chef.

Although Montreal offers a ton of delectable options to choose from, these five best waffle spots in Montreal are simply matchless. Therefore, we recommend going nowhere except for one of these spots to satisfy your savory or sweet tooth. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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