Best Place to Visit in Montreal for Couples

Best Place to Visit in Montreal for Couples

Romantic Things to Do in Montreal for Couples

Montreal is one city in the world that has everything suitable for a romantic getaway. There are places in the city that are a two-in-one combo for both fun and quiet life with your partner. These places are set in strategic locations that let you soak in unimaginable beauties.

With beautiful architecture and a diverse selection of restaurants, there are plenty of things for couples to do in this city. Here’s our list of some best places to visit in Montreal that will have you saying “I love you” all day long!

With such versatility, finding the ideal spot to woo your partner can be a bit overwhelming. In this guide, we will be telling you about the best areas you should not miss. We want to make it easy.

You can plan a perfect getaway in the following best places in Montreal.

1. Bota Bota

Bota Bota is one of the most romantic places in Montreal. It offers a perfect setup of the Classic Montreal, resting on the Vieux-Port de Montreal. It features five decks carrying a range of saunas, gardens, spa areas, and outdoor whirlpools. You can get anything from cheaper packages to more exotic ones.

2. Biosphere

Perhaps you will never find a spot so ideal for a romantic moment as the Biosphere. This is one of the areas in Montreal that attracts millions of tourists every year. Museums housing top-notch green technologies and solutions to the problem make it ideal for learning. And the beauty of these museums will light a smile on the face of your loved one.

3. Dinette Triple Crown

Take your partner out for a romantic tour at the Dinette Triple Crown, and they will relive it every day. Montreal does not have a very hot summer. This creates a perfect atmosphere for a sweet date. Walking among the greenery feels so fulfilling at this restaurant.

4. Quebec City

You have not seen anything in Montreal if you haven’t visited Quebec. This city is a true representation of everything romantic in the world. It has plenty of fun things to do. Visit ancient buildings, cobblestone streets and alleys, art galleries and museums, and much more.

5. Montebello

Montebello is a 90 minutes Quebec village west of the city. This area is known mainly for its luxurious Fairmont Chateau Montebello resort. This largest hotel in the world creates a perfect destination for a romantic trip. Enjoy sites like Omega Park, Camp Explora, and Fromagerie Montebello.

6. Camellia Sinensis Tea House

You may find this recommendation a bit unusual. However, those who don’t fancy clichéd dates will find it worth their time. The place is famous for offering the highest-quality teas. And it can be your ultimate place to create memorable moments with your partner.

7. House of Jazz

Every couple has their preferred moment. If you are one that loves fun, there are several spots for you in Montreal. A good example is the House of Jazz. Here, you will enjoy all the music you can think of from top jazz bands.

8. Botanical Gardens

Do you love flowers? Well, what is romance without some? The colorful swaying flowers in Botanical Gardens create that perfect romantic environment. It’s a home for over 22,000 flowers, trees, and plants. You will never get enough of this place.

9. Hudson and Rigaud

Forty-five-minute drive west of Montreal will bring you the communities of Hudson and Rigaud. It gives visitors an attractive blend of the lush natural environment, attractive shops, and a wonderful atmosphere for couples.  Enjoy sweet meals at Willow Inn, or take a ferry tour across the Ottawa River to Oka.

10. Orford

Orford is popular for its Mont-Orford Ski Resort and Park National Mont-Orford. This place sets a romantic atmosphere displaying many rivers, valleys, lakes, and other spots worth exploring. Take part in mountain cycling, trail hiking, bird watching, skating, and other amazing adventures.

Final Thought

Finding a perfect romantic getaway is not easy when you really want to impress the better half. Montreal makes it easy with its incredible scenery. Check out these places and many more around the city.  


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