Best Finance Startups in Montreal

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What are the best finance startups or companies in Montreal? What services do they offer? What factors make them successful? Read Here!

Top Finance Startups in Montreal

Finance startups in Montreal focus on innovation, growth, management, and positive societal impact. You can find hundreds of finance companies in Montreal. However, some provide exceptional services, allowing individuals and businesses to streamline revenues and maintain financial stability. Today’s article will highlight the best finance startups in Montreal. Read on!

Tick Smith

Tick Smith offers trade management solutions for businesses, brokers, investors, and asset managers. The company provides artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to assess investment insights, post-trade solutions, and data testing. It also offers access to historical data and investment information.

The company gathers, organizes, leverages, and distributes data for regulatory control and compliance. Tick Smith offers cloud-based data pooling, deployment, monetization, and analytics technologies.


Nesto is one of Montreal’s best finances and fintech companies, offering AI-powered algorithms to residential mortgage loan marketplaces, allowing businesses to streamline their mortgage products.

In addition, the company links the user’s property, revenues, and financial details to their private dashboard and ensures they have access to available loan options. The dashboard is innovative, intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another fintech company that offers NFT-based virtual metaverse platforms, allowing businesses to build, own, and monetize via virtual experiences. The metaverse platform enables businesses to train themselves and invest, sell, and buy assets in the virtual platform.

Shake Pay

Shake Pay offers cryptocurrency financial services to businesses in various industries. It is an app-based cryptocurrency platform, allowing people to purchase and sell popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins and Ethereum. In addition, it enables people to buy cryptocurrency via e-transfer from their bank accounts. The apps are available for iOS and Android devices.


Emma is an online auto and life insurance company offering a state-of-the-art platform for individuals and businesses. Emma provides life insurance services, including child protection, death benefit, etc. It also provides pet insurance solutions for people in Montreal. However, the company’s best product is car insurance.


Flinks is a fintech company that offers open banking and financial API solutions for banks, corporations, and financial institutions. The company provides tools for digital banking, wealth management, payments, lending, etc. It facilitates financial data analytics, connectivity, and security via APIs and tools based on AI and ML-based software applications.


Corl is a P2P marketplace for businesses seeking revenue-based financing. The company offers innovative platforms for users to invest in companies’ equities and earn shares of their revenues. Corl also helps businesses raise funds for their operations in exchange for a revenue share.

Flare Systems

Flare System is a finance company in Montreal that offers darknet intelligence and security solutions for financial companies and banks to prevent cyberattacks. Flare System’s best product is a firewall and security solution with real-time alerts for online attacks and potential threats.

Final Words

Montreal is one of the best business cities in Canada, with a pool of companies in various industries. Financial and fintech companies in Montreal have diverse talents that create cutting-edge solutions for businesses in numerous sectors.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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