Montreal Tree colors in spring

Mont Sutton Hiking

There are a lot of hiking spots close to Montreal, and for each a special attribute that makes it different. Mont Sutton is one of my favorites, as it is located on border of the US while still being an hour away from Montreal.

The Mountain is famous for being a ski area in the eastern townships, the mountain also has a terrain park.

The hike is 948 Meters high, and the view from the top is definitely worth it.

Here are some pictures of the mountains.

Mount Sutton Mount Sutton picture from the top Montreal hiking Mount Sutton Mount Sutton hiking Mount Sutton view Picture of Mount Sutton Nature hiking close to montreal Montreal Tree colors in spring How is the weather in montreal in spring Nature in Spring Canada Canada spring wild flowers Nature close to the US border and Canada

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Montreal Night Photography

Montreal from the lens of an Instagramer.

Montreal is a beautiful city without all the filters, the edits and glory that Instagram adds to the pictures. What makes it a really special place to me, is that whether it is -40 or+40 C, Montreal will always reflect its beauty in different colors, shapes and forms.

Montreal day or night, is beautiful.

In the past 12 months, I wanted to collect the most magical moments in the city, and capture it from different angles.


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Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche

Montreal West Island is full of beautiful parks, yet Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche seems to stand out, as it is calm, beautiful, and full of wildlife.

The park has a nice path in the woods which is easy to follow, makes it amazing for an afternoon stroll to take your mind of work and the outside world.

From a personal perspective. As soon as I arrived to this park I heard the sounds of crickets which brings me back to my childhood and growing up in the woods. That nostalgic edge makes this park just the best in Montreal, at least for me :)

Here are some pictures that I took on the walk, I hope you like it, and you get to visit it yourself.

Plane flying into the clouds Gloomy Sky Over Montreal in Spring 2017 Montreal Spring Weather 2017 Clouds of the skys of montreal beautiful picture of clouds over the west island Sunset over Montreal west island park Where to spend sunday afternoon in montreal Ideas for parks in montreal Where to go for a nice walk in Montreal Bench in the woods Montreal bench in west island park Wood pecker in Montreal west Island park Parks to walk Montreal west Island Gloomy Path in the woods Montreal Canadian Woods path Path in the woods in Montreal reflection of the branches and the tress on the water West Island Parks Parc-agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche

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hawks near Montreal

Île Charron, Montreal is an island on the Saint Lawrence River, the westernmost of the Îles de Boucherville archipelago.

If you are  looking for a place to see some friendly animals, roaming around in their natural habitat, this will be the park to check out.

Here is where the island located

Here are some picture of some of the wild life you can see in early spring in this park.

Wood Pecker Close to Montreal hawks near Montreal Where to see hawks near Montreal Ground Hog in Montreal loons bird  in Montreal loons bird  in Montreal Ground Hog in Montreal

More Picture of Charron Island Here:

Beautiful Cloudy Sky Montreal

Charron Island – Île Charron | Montreal Hidden Gems

Looking for a really nice bike ride, or a hiking trip this summer, spring or fall? Charron Island is a nice and original place to try out.

The Charron Island is located in the Saint Lawrence River,  close to the National Park (Îles-de-Boucherville ) to the southeast of Montreal.

Charron Island is on the South East Shore of Montreal, it is close to downtown Montreal and is definitely worth the ride.

Here is where the Charron Island is located on the map.

As the island is famous for hiking and biking in the summer, it is also famous for fat biking, cross country skiing and snow shoeing in Winter.

Here is how much time it takes you to the island from the center of Montreal.

And here are some picture of this beautiful island, make sure to visit soon.

Hiking bridge in Montreal How is spring in Montreal Bench Île Charron, Montreal Île Charron, Montreal Hiking Beautiful Cloudy Sky Montreal Nice View of the Lake with trees - Montreal Montreal Trees Seasons in Montreal Montreal Spring is Here Path for hiking Île Charron, Montreal Biking Île Charron, Montreal hiking path Île Charron, Montreal plants and trees Island Île Charron, Montreal Hidden Montreal Gem


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