10 Best spots for bowling in Montreal
Best Montreal Bowling Alleys

Bowling is a great pastime, it can be really competitive, but also a whole lot of fun too. Which makes you wonder, where can you go bowling in Montreal and enjoy a fine, high quality bowling alley? There are plenty of great spots within the city, you just have to know where to look. Here are some of the best options to consider!

1. Salles De Quilles G Plus10 Best spots for bowling in Montreal

Salles De Quilles G Plus has a large bowling set, it also comes with a good menu and nice drinks. Overall, it’s great for kids and families, but also for a night out with friends. The décor is great and the food itself is of a very good quality.

2. Laurentian Lanes

At Laurentian Lanes you can find a plethora of games, but their bowling alley is one of the best in the city. It’s a great place to unwind and relax, but you can also enjoy some competitive gameplay too, which is really nice.

3. Forum Sports Bar & GamesCentre

Even if this is a bar, it’s also a games center and it does provide a very good experience and attention to detail. The best part is that you can also play bowling often, but also pool and other games.

4. BoulZeye

BoulZeye has laser tag, escape games and a pretty good bowling alley. It’s one of the top places in Montreal where you can have a great time with friends during the day or evening. That being said, they do have incredible drinks and a stellar atmosphere.

5. Bowling Bannantyne

Many people love Bowling Bannantyne because it has that old school bowling locale vibe. It looks great, you have access to great drinks and food, and it’s a very good place overall. Definitely worth a shot.

6. Complexe Volta10 Best spots for bowling in Montreal

At Complexe Volta you will find yourself having lots of fun trying to defeat your opponents. The bowling experience is great, the venue itself is very clean and it has a professional appeal.

7. Quilles Iberville

Even if it’s not the highest tier venue for bowling, it’s great for kids and those that just want to relax during an evening with friends. It’s also affordable too.

8. Salon de Quilles Darling

The interior design here is very cool, and they do bring in front all kinds of fun bowling experiences for customers. Another great thing is that they have a nice selection of drinks too.

9. Salon De Quilles Laval

Within this establishment you can play some great bowling, and the cool thing is that it’s very well decorated, and the bowling alleys are huge. It’s great, well worth a shot, and you will be very impressed with the quality and value.

10. Sharx

Sharx has a lot of things going for it, from great barbecue and food to lots of good drinks and a very interesting bowling alley. It’s a great place to visit with friends for a night out.


All of these bowling locales are amazing and well worth trying out if you are in Montreal. There’s plenty of fun to be had here, and many of these places also have great food or drinks ready for you too. Just give them a try for yourself!


10 Best Sports Bars Montreal

Montreal is one of the cities in the world where sports are highly valued. It feels great to get that big ticket for the next sporting event. You can even get the front seat for a better experience.

But what if you can’t make it to the ticket booth on time? Well, don’t worry, you can always find a seat in any of the many sports bars in the city.10 Best Sports Bars Montreal

It is never easy to get that ticket. So, you should be looking for the best sports bar where the action feels so live.

But there are just too many options. That leaves many to wonder which ones are the best. Some places are just a pub or dive bars. Some come with taps pouring out the best beer. And there are some from where you get the taste of the best burgers and fulfilling good food.

In this guide, we shall introduce you to the best ten of these sports.

1. Champs Bar & Restaurant

Visit the Champs for an exclusive sporting experience. This place creates the most amazing local and old-school sports bar charm for locals and visitors. It’s located in the famous Saint-Laurent strip and is usually much occupied. Find the best sport and you will enjoy all your favorite games the whole night.

2. Ziggy’s Pub

Montreal’s Crescent Street is a popular spot for many tourists. At the center of it is Ziggy’s Pub, a place that brings out the best of that nightlife. As far as sports is concerned, this pub creates the most amazing atmosphere. There is nothing special about the place, only that it offers cheap beer and a huge space.

3. Bruno Sports Bar

Bruno Sports Bar has gone to the extremes of even sport to bring you the best action. This is an easy-going joint with friendly staff and walls loaded with TVs. There is a cast of lovable local rogues that always come here to cheer their teams.

Bruno Bar offers incredible food too. They serve sandwiches, but you can bring in your food from outside. Get the best betting spot at this bar today.

4. Café Italia

We are looking at sports bars and not cafes on this list. This makes Café Italia an odd one out. It does not pack any beers, nachos, or gimmicky deals. However, it serves the best expressos, authentic décor, and a faithful spot for soccer lovers.

We chose to add it here because it’s the perfect spot for those who want to avoid alcohol and the noisy bars. Its festive atmosphere lets you watch your games in peace.

5. McLean’s Pub

Another great sports bar in Montreal is McLean’s Pub. It’s more of a pub than a sports bar, but it’s committed to showing all the top games around. It’s also a better choice for those who need a calmer place.

6. Ping Pong Club

If you don’t fancy the traditional sports bar, Ping Pong Club should be a perfect alternative. It’s a trendy Mile End Bar that allows you to catch all the action in a more convenient manner.   The friendly staff serves a respectable pub menu. The place has a variety of games, including foosball, shuffleboard, Jenga sets, and ping pong tables. You don’t just watch games here, you play them.

7. Chez Subban  (Chez Serge)

Chez Subban, formerly known as Chez Serge is an attractive place for young under-30s. It’s one of the most notorious bars in Montreal. Enjoy the equivalent of a disco ball as it flashes across the bar. Watch your favourite sporting games on the giant TV screens on its walls.

8. La Cage

When the game starts, you need a convenient location for the best view. And that would be La Cage. It’s always loud and rowdy, especially when the Habs are in the action. But it’s generally a great sports bar.

9. Burgundy Lion

Montreal is a French city where Burgundy Lion has created a perfect scent for sports lovers. It has grown into the ambassador for modern Anglo cuisine. In addition, they have set themselves aside as a one-stop solution for all the sporting action.

You can enjoy a wide range of games. They have even launched their golf and soccer tournaments to support charities.

10. Bar Courcelle

When the Habs are playing, Bar Courcelle will be open for all sports fans. It’s smaller inside, compared to the others on this list, so, consider calling ahead. It’s most packed on many occasions.


There are many other sports bars in Montreal. We thought these 10 has everything you need to make your evening. Let us know what you think.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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10 Best Yoga Studios Montreal | Top 10 Yoga Spots in Montreal

Top 10 Yoga Spots in Montreal

Whether you want a quick session or one that is more intensive, there’s an option for everyone!

Yoga can do wonders for your body and mind. It helps you relax, unwind, boost energy levels – all while getting in some good old-fashioned mental clarity! So we put together this list of the 10 best yoga studios Montreal has to offer right now:

1. Ashtanga Yoga Montréal

Ashtanga Yoga Montréal delivers a variety of classes, including virtual classes. The establishment is quite spacey, and they do have pretty much all the equipment and teachers needed for comprehensive Yoga sessions.

2. Zéro Gravité Escalade & Yoga

This place offers a variety of activities, including yoga and climbing. You don’t have to perform both, this can only be a yoga studio if you want. But it’s a nice change of pace when compared to other yoga studios.

3. HappyTree Yoga

At HappyTree Yoga, you get to immerse yourself in a great, transcending yoga experience. It’s a great studio where you can relax and focus on your poses. The location itself and the way everything is organized is incredible.

4. Acroyoga Montréal

At Acroyoga Montréal you get to take classes, enter various workshops and just immerse yourself in the Yoga experience. It’s rewarding and fun, and you will be impressed with its vast range of features. There’s also bike parking, if needed.

5. Yoga Sangha

The location is incredible for yoga, and the studio is very large, properly equipped too. They also have a towel service and shower facilities. The classes are versatile, flexible and also very impressive too.

6. Naada Yoga

Naada Yoga is focused on yoga education with larger groups. With that in mind, there are short and very long yoga programs, beginner and advanced courses. Another thing to note is that you can pick the desired class based on your wishes and expectations.


10 Best Yoga Studios Montreal | Top 10 Yoga Spots in Montreal

7. Luna Yoga

You can find Luna Yoga right in the heart of the old port. The location is great, and they do help you adjust your practice according to your needs. The classes are very well built, and you can easily adapt them to your needs.

8. Enso Yoga

Enso Yoga has a vast range of yoga routines and classes. They are very well equipped and everything is really professional. At the same time, they also offer electronic lockers for your valuables too, which is always a plus.

9. Modo Yoga

Modo Yoga offers a great mood with its flowers and interior design. The staff is friendly, and you do have a variety of classes to choose from. Not only that, but the facility and showers are also really clean too.

10. Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust

Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust offers both in-person and virtual classes. They have short and long-term classes, and the best part is that you will enjoy how clean and tidy everything is. The staff is friendly and professional too.

Montreal has many yoga spots to choose from. Whether you like hot or cold classes, there is a studio for you. There are even some places that offer unlimited access! Here are the top 10 yoga studios in Montreal; all of which have great reviews and offer different types of teaching styles. Get out there and see for yourself what’s available before making your decision on where to take up this healthy lifestyle practice.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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Best bars and spots to play games in Montreal

Montreal is a great place for anyone that wants to have fun and enjoy some drinks and also some great games too. This makes you wonder, can you find 10 bars to play games in Montreal? Yes, there are a variety of options when it comes to gaming bars, and here you have some of the best you can focus on!

Montreal is home to a variety of game bars that cater to all sorts of interests. Whether you’re looking for some family fun, an escape room, or just want the chance to get your nerd on by playing games like Settlers of Catan and Magic The Gathering with fellow players – there’s something here for everyone! Here are our favourite 10 game bars in Montreal so far… which one will be yours?

1. Randolph Pub Ludique

Randolph Pub Ludique is an amazing option if you’re looking for a great, fun bar where you can play all kinds of games. They have a plethora of arcade games and many newer games too, which make it a really good option!

2. HI Montreal

HI Montreal has a pool table, and a vast range of other games. It also comes with a great location, close to restaurants and the metro station. It’s also open 24 hours, which is always a plus!

3. London Pub

London Pub has its own share of games, and the great thing is that you have a proper selection of drinks too. It’s very exciting and definitely one of those locations you want to cherish and enjoy, just because they are so much fun! They even have some dice games!

4. Premier Joueur

As the name suggests, this is one of the best 10 bars to play games in Montreal. It’s amazing, exciting and enjoyable, and the entire place is designed specifically for tabletop games. It’s open from Wednesday to Sunday.

5. Le 4e Mur

There are some gaming nights here from time to time, and you can even play a game where you can unlock clues if you order specific drinks.

6. Teal Bar

Teal Bar has some interesting games, you also have a pool table and a few other games to play. That’s why it’s a great option to keep in mind for a great night out.

7. North Star

North Star has a full on arcade and you will certainly have a great time with it. That being said, the bar itself is filled with all kinds of great drinks. This is suitable for everyone from old school gamers to newer ones that want to test their skills with arcade machines.

8. Arcade MTL

Everyone will love Arcade MTL because it seamlessly combines a great bar experience with some of the best arcades in Montreal. If you have the slightest interest in arcade gaming, this is one place you do not want to miss. There’s also free popcorn to go with your drinks sometimes.

9. Putting Edge

Putting Edge is another place you would like because it has bartending services, but it’s just as good for birthday parties, events and so on. It’s definitely one of the most interesting spaces in the city, and well worth a shot.

10. Royal Palace

Royal Palace does an amazing job at offering state of the art arcade and gaming, while also having a great time with friends. It’s a great opportunity to explore this place, and you are bound to have an incredible time.

Montreal is a great city for gamers. With over 10 different game bars, there’s something to suit every taste and preference. If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where you can sit down with your friends or family members and enjoy some friendly competition in person, then these are all worth checking out! Which one sounds like the perfect place for you?

There’s no shortage of options if you want a Montreal bar where you can also play games. We recommend these 10 bars to play games in Montreal because they are a whole lot of fun, they have a great location, and you will certainly enjoy your time here. Check them out today!

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Best Place to Visit in Montreal for Couples

Romantic Things to Do in Montreal for Couples

Montreal is one city in the world that has everything suitable for a romantic getaway. There are places in the city that are a two-in-one combo for both fun and quiet life with your partner. These places are set in strategic locations that let you soak in unimaginable beauties.

With beautiful architecture and a diverse selection of restaurants, there are plenty of things for couples to do in this city. Here’s our list of some best places to visit in Montreal that will have you saying “I love you” all day long!

With such versatility, finding the ideal spot to woo your partner can be a bit overwhelming. In this guide, we will be telling you about the best areas you should not miss. We want to make it easy.

You can plan a perfect getaway in the following best places in Montreal.

1. Bota Bota

Bota Bota is one of the most romantic places in Montreal. It offers a perfect setup of the Classic Montreal, resting on the Vieux-Port de Montreal. It features five decks carrying a range of saunas, gardens, spa areas, and outdoor whirlpools. You can get anything from cheaper packages to more exotic ones.

2. Biosphere

Perhaps you will never find a spot so ideal for a romantic moment as the Biosphere. This is one of the areas in Montreal that attracts millions of tourists every year. Museums housing top-notch green technologies and solutions to the problem make it ideal for learning. And the beauty of these museums will light a smile on the face of your loved one.

3. Dinette Triple Crown

Take your partner out for a romantic tour at the Dinette Triple Crown, and they will relive it every day. Montreal does not have a very hot summer. This creates a perfect atmosphere for a sweet date. Walking among the greenery feels so fulfilling at this restaurant.

4. Quebec City

You have not seen anything in Montreal if you haven’t visited Quebec. This city is a true representation of everything romantic in the world. It has plenty of fun things to do. Visit ancient buildings, cobblestone streets and alleys, art galleries and museums, and much more.

5. Montebello

Montebello is a 90 minutes Quebec village west of the city. This area is known mainly for its luxurious Fairmont Chateau Montebello resort. This largest hotel in the world creates a perfect destination for a romantic trip. Enjoy sites like Omega Park, Camp Explora, and Fromagerie Montebello.

6. Camellia Sinensis Tea House

You may find this recommendation a bit unusual. However, those who don’t fancy clichéd dates will find it worth their time. The place is famous for offering the highest-quality teas. And it can be your ultimate place to create memorable moments with your partner.

7. House of Jazz

Every couple has their preferred moment. If you are one that loves fun, there are several spots for you in Montreal. A good example is the House of Jazz. Here, you will enjoy all the music you can think of from top jazz bands.

8. Botanical Gardens

Do you love flowers? Well, what is romance without some? The colorful swaying flowers in Botanical Gardens create that perfect romantic environment. It’s a home for over 22,000 flowers, trees, and plants. You will never get enough of this place.

9. Hudson and Rigaud

Forty-five-minute drive west of Montreal will bring you the communities of Hudson and Rigaud. It gives visitors an attractive blend of the lush natural environment, attractive shops, and a wonderful atmosphere for couples.  Enjoy sweet meals at Willow Inn, or take a ferry tour across the Ottawa River to Oka.

10. Orford

Orford is popular for its Mont-Orford Ski Resort and Park National Mont-Orford. This place sets a romantic atmosphere displaying many rivers, valleys, lakes, and other spots worth exploring. Take part in mountain cycling, trail hiking, bird watching, skating, and other amazing adventures.

Final Thought

Finding a perfect romantic getaway is not easy when you really want to impress the better half. Montreal makes it easy with its incredible scenery. Check out these places and many more around the city.  


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