Ten Reasons to Move to Montreal

The Pros of Moving to Montreal

There are many reasons why you will love moving to Montreal. This place offers a blend of an old European city with a contemporary North American atmosphere.  It’s undoubtedly one of the unique places you can live in.

Few places in the world have this same atmosphere. It feels like you see something new every day. And it’s this freedom of diversity, creativity, bilingualism, and vibrant neighbourhoods that make the city a good choice for anyone.

In this guide, we will be looking at just ten reasons you should set your next several years in Montreal. Keep reading.

1.      Affordable Rent

If you have lived in any North American city, you should know rent is no joke. But you will be lucky to find a spot in Montreal. It’s known for offering the cheapest housing options in the region. Something as low as $1000 per month can get you a comfortable living space.

2.      Year-Long Festivities

Montreal is easily the city of festivals. There are more than 100 festivals that cover the whole year. It’s like every day is another opportunity to enjoy a vibrant culture. These events are fantastic to take part in.

3.      Public Transport – Most Affordable

Montreal’s public transit network (STM) is a place you will want to be. If you are a student, use the unlimited pass on public transit around the city for only $40. You may have to spend about $82 if you are unaware of the discounts, but it’s still a bit fair compared to other cities in the region.

4.      The Best Place to Travel on Foot

Perhaps you have heard that great things come in small packages. This statement is true about Montreal. It may be relatively smaller than other cities, but it’s quite cosmopolitan and modern. That means you can cover a huge distance by walking.

5.      A cycling-friendly City

Are you in a hurry and would like to reach your destination faster? Using your bike is the best way to travel. This city is tailored to help you ride your bike with ease. Walk around the streets, and you will meet the largest group of riders.

6.      Amazing cultural  food

We all love getting a satisfying meal before or after a long day. Montreal is parked with a wide collection of restaurants that you will not find in many other cities around. You will enjoy the city’s culture with every meal you taste.

7.      Be Part of a Great Culture

Montreal is a multicultural city. It’s perhaps one of the most diverse cities globally, holding immigrants from all parts of the world. Many people have called it home, creating a culture like no other.

8.      Learn a New Language

People living in Montreal express themselves as “Franglais.” This is because they speak a mixture of Francais (French) and Anglais (English.) French is dominant in many cities across Quebec. Montreal brings out a different taste with its bilingualism. It always feels good to learn a new language that describes a culture.

9.      Enjoy Dancing Everywhere

If you love dancing, Montreal is one place you should set your camp. You will find everyone dancing in bars because each offers good music. Aside from that is the variety of salsa, swing, jive, rock ‘n’ roll, and slow dance events. Free outdoor Latin dancing events grace the summer.

10. The Best Nightlife

You may not find another place in Canada with a vibrant nightlife like the one in Montreal. Every area of the town seems to have something for everyone. Sit down for drinks, dance your night away or share a wide variety of meals; it’s all up to you.

Final Thought

Moving to a new city can be quite a lot. But you will feel right at home if that new place has the right atmosphere. Montreal is one such place. A whole new world of excitement is waiting for you.

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  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
Beautiful Sunset Over Montreal Ville Marie

Montreal Skyline at Sunset

As you go around in the south shore of Montreal, through Saint Hubert, Saint Lambert, and Brossard; You will always have a great view of the Montreal skyline from different angles.

These are some picture of the city from all these angles, mostly around sunset.

Sunset From Saint Hubert Beautiful Sunset Over Montreal Skyline Beautiful Sunset Over Montreal Skyline Beautiful Sunset Over Montreal Ville Marie Montreal Sunset from brossard Sunset Canada  Orange Sunset Montreal Downtown Montreal Downtown Sunset Montreal Downtown Sunset

More Pictures of Montreal Downtown from different angels:

Montreal Night Photography

Montreal from the lens of an Instagramer.

Montreal is a beautiful city without all the filters, the edits and glory that Instagram adds to the pictures. What makes it a really special place to me, is that whether it is -40 or+40 C, Montreal will always reflect its beauty in different colors, shapes and forms.

Montreal day or night, is beautiful.

In the past 12 months, I wanted to collect the most magical moments in the city, and capture it from different angles.


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If you are interested in seeing more pics of Montreal. Follow @taou on instagram. 

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