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“Moving is a tedious undertaking for most of us, even within the same city.  For those endeavoring to move to a completely new city however, in perhaps an entirely new country, the preoccupations of relocation only become exponentially more stressful. Figuring out new whereabouts, new local cultures, transportation and other such logistics are challenging enough, but before any of these issues come to the foreground, the fundamental question at the heart of every move is “Where should I live?”

Fortunately for those facing the moving conundrum, there’s Navut.

Navut is a free, personalized, web-based service which helps those moving to find a neighborhood tailored to their needs. Some might be looking for a suburban spot close to a school for the kids, while others want an exciting downtown locale with a nevertheless excellent safety rating. Whatever the specifications, Navut’s Neighborhood Finder helps users find their ideal neighborhood, according to a huge selection of parameters they get to choose from. Subsequently, once users have narrowed down the ideal neighborhood for them and their family, they’re able to explore a variety of properties available for sale and rent, as well as make contact with verified real estate agents. (Which, incidentally, comprise the other, clever side of the business, as they can sign up with Navut and have access to an extensive clientele base) Whether on the moving or the selling side, it’s not really surprising that more and more folks’ curiosity has been piqued by Navut’s signature tool, the Neighborhood Finder.

 Choosing the best city to live in

While certainly a marketable asset, the idea behind this small web startup didn’t come from any business think-tank. Its founders, Mauro Repacci, Marcos Carvalho, Gustavo Burckhardt and Aureabelle Cruz have a wealth of very personal motivations behind Navut. Their collective experience, involving numerous and sometimes difficult relocations (Carvalho alone has clocked over 12 international moves to himself) inspired them to create a tool which would help others avoid the sometimes logistically and personally daunting issues they had faced. Among others, these had included feeling completely out of place in their new neighborhoods, their new areas not meeting the expectations of their research, or being misinformed by landlord prior to arrival. In short, they realized that making moving easier isn’t just a good idea, it was a shared and passionate raison d’être behind the company.

 Navut- Canadian Realestate directory

Beyond its acclaim with relocating users and real estate agents wishing to expand their client base, the company has also been making waves in the small-business scene in Montreal lately. It was the recipient of the International Startup Festival’s Videotron Business Solutions Prize this year, and is well on its way to exponential online growth.


Either way, Navut’s progress is going to be interesting to watch, and might prove to be the next big online tool for the hoards of people trudging through the troubles of moving. Hopefully they can help transform the experience into something much more positive and exciting.

To find out more about Navut, check out their site at:
To check out Navut’s blogs, where you can read up about the local scenes and neighborhoods they feature, visit:
Jacques Cartier Bridge

This year, from June 28 to August 02, thousands gather to watch the Montreal International Firework Competition featuring nine countries.  See for the schedule and come support your country!

Here are some best places all over the city to enjoy the fireworks lighting up the skies.


The best place to see the firework up-close (although a bit more expensive) is LaRonde amusement park! For around 67.75$ you get a place to sit and enjoy the fireworks choreographed with music happening right over the lake. With this you also get a one day access to the rides! So if you want to enjoy the rides during the day and end the night with a good show reserve your ticket now!

2. Jacques Cartier Bridge

One of the most popular places the watch the fireworks for free is the Jacques Cartier Bridge accessible from either Papineau area, Ile Ste Helene or Longueil. It is closed off the traffic from 8:30 pm onwards until 11:30pm and is only accessible to pedestrians (so no bicycle allowed). The views you get is quite impressive and on top of that you can bring food and drinks! So get your foldable chair or beach towel and reserve your spot early because it’s going to get crowded!!!

3. Clock Tower Beach (Old Port)

Feet in the sand, lights in the skies and cocktail in hand …what else can you ask for? But beware there is limited space available and it gets quite crowded, so if this is what you are aiming for, be there at least a few hours in advance.

4. Terrasse sur l’Auberge (Old Port)

Having a view of the fireworks while sipping a drink or glass of wine from one of the best terrace in Montreal? Why not! Access is free but the purchase of a drink is required. Terrasse sur l’Auberge also offers tappas and a variety of appetisers. Book a week in advance to get the best spots on the terrasse!

5. Kondiaronk Belvedere Mont-Royal

Enjoy the fireworks with the view of the city in the background. This is probably one of the best places to set your camera and shoot some of the most amazing pictures of Montreal and the picturesque fireworks. A bit harder to access it; but definitely worth the climb up to Mont-Royal.



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Our 5 Favourite Spots for a BBQ in Montreal

Picture Montreal; the sun is shining, bodies are tanning. You’re walking down a residential street. Suddenly your nostrils flutter with pleasure to the scent of burning charcoal. Soon enough, you can taste the burger-veggie pattie- fish-vegan dog grilled to perfection. Mmm, the smell of summer. And you think to yourself, I should’ve paid that extra buck for a place with a patio or backyard. Well, the good news is, Montreal is filled with parks which happen to be some of the best summer barbecue spots the city has to offer!

*Evidently, they are a few rules about drinking in parks that you might want to be aware of.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. Parc Jeanne-Mance

Sharing its extremities between the Plateau and the McGill ghetto, with its beach volleyball courts, football field and endless green lawn to lounge around, Parc Jeanne-Mance is an amazing place to host a summer barbecue. There are so many different areas to choose from and more often than not, you’ll hear tam-tams resonating in the distance, Latinos singing and young kids laughing, adding colour to your evening. If you’re seeking for more privacy and are up for a hike, the Parc du Mont-Royal across the street from there would be the perfect fit.

2. Parc du Mont-Royal

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of Central Park in New York City, the Mont-Royal is home to runners, bikers, dogs, medieval fighters, tam-tam players (especially on Sunday) and of course, barbecue makers. Walk up the main path and it’ll lead you to Beaver Lake (the beavers remain non-existent), further up is the Belvédère or better known as the look-out, and finally, the cross. The best areas to barbecue are mostly located in the earlier stages of the hike or around the lake. If you forget something or need to pee, the lookout has a dépanneur with a few life-saving supplies and clean amenities.

3. Parc Lafontaine

A 10 minutes bike ride away from the mountain down Rachel, is Parc Lafontaine. With its outdoor stage, knee-high swimming pools and baseball field, this park has stuff to offer for everyone. Make your way down its small hills and you’ll find yourself a dream barbecue spot. If it’s your first time of the summer and you happen to overcook your chicken breasts, not to worry: Romados (most likely one of Montreal’s most renowned chicken spots) is just a stroll away. If you happen to burn your potatoes, not to worry: La Banquise (most likely one of Montreal’s most renowned poutine spots) is just a stroll away! If you happen to…

4. Parc Jarry

If you want to get to know a culturally different side of Montreal, come by this area on weekends. Located at the mere end of Little Italy, in the heart of Villeray and reaching out to Parc Extension, Parc Jarry is where Middle Eastern and Indian communities mingle. From cricket to boce, to midday prayers and Indian weddings, to the smell of marinated meats and fresh bread… it’s a different kind of summer barbecue scene. With it’s free of cost outdoor public swimming pool, professional tennis stadium and soccer field, you can easily end up spending your whole day here.

5. Tokyo BBQ

You’re craving that barbecue taste but are lacking the motivation to grill-it-yourself or simply don’t own the tools and supplies? The 8th edition of Formula Fun Tokyo BBQ is taking place this coming weekend. Every year, during Formula One, the infamous Boulevard Saint-Laurent opens its street to pedestrians while all stores, bars and restaurants try to impress each and every one of us with their best eats, drinks and wears. Make your way down to Avenue des Pins and Saint-Laurent, on the South-Eastern side of the street, 2nd floor is the place to be. Tokyo bar is hosting its annual summer barbecue. With some of Montreal’s finest DJs, you will be able to enjoy Bofinger’s grilled delicacies, shucked oysters and Tokyo’s one of a kind summer cocktails and buckets of beer. Thank me later!

Add a good cause to your Tour de l’Ile Montreal

Biking is part of the Montreal Religion if you live in the city it is impossible that you don’t run into more than a hundred bikers per day, even in winter.

And knowing montrealers, we always find a reason to come together and this time it is a healthy gathering of the top bikers in the city as well as the fun every day bikers where they choose one day a year to do what we call Tour de l’Ile.

This year will be the 30th Tour de l’Île de Montréal, and it is on Sunday, June 1

This famous cycling event, offers a new start and finish site, as well as several route possibilities. For a recreational outing or an athletic challenge, there is a Tour de l’Île for everyone:

  1. 50 or 25 km(The Classic)
  2. 50 km Express (The accelerated version)
  3. 100-130 km (Biking around the Whole Island of Montreal)
  4. 100 KM express

No matter what your skill is everybody can do this race, with friends, family, children, buddies, Girls, etc…

But as everyone enjoys the race there own way Concordia students decided to add a twist, a BBQ, Cultural touch and a good cause. Introduced more than 10 years ago Colors of Concordia is Concordia’s students and alumni’s way of expressing their willingness to have fun and yet add value.

Not only does Colors of Concordia have a better price for the race, they also have provide activities after the race, such as stretching and Yoga(which really helps with cramps after), not to mention refreshments, BBQ, Healthy food throughout the race and at the end.

In 2010, with the scholarship safely established, the Colors of Concordia Cultural Initiative Fund (CCCIF) was enacted with the ultimate goal to disperse money ammased to groups striving for specific goals supported by the CoC. For more information about CCCIF and how it’s helped others, click here.