Montreal Path in the woods

Black and White Pictures of Montreal | MTL in Black and White

Pictures of Montreal Downtown, Montreal Bridges, Montreal Islands, and Paths in the woods. All in black and white
Yamaska National Park

Pictures of the National Park of Yamaska | Park Close to Montreal

An easy to hike park not too far from Montreal. A flat and fun national park in Quebec less than an hour drive from Montreal.
Saint henri -

Sunset in Montreal | Most Beautiful Sunset Pictures in MTL

Montreal has a lot of places to watch the sunset from. Here some of the most beautiful sunsets you can see over this great city.
SEO Marketing Agency in Montreal

Montreal Tips Feature: Montreal SEO Expert | Search Engine Optimization

Montreal SEO Agency  | Helping Businesses Online While Supporting a Great Cause Montreal is full of under marketed small businesses. It is full of hidden gems that deserve to be shared with the world, both the visitors and the locals. A…
MTL inspirational Quotes
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Feature: 10 Best Instagram Inspirational Quotes | Most Popular Inspirational Quotes in Canada

  Do you ever feel you need a boost to start your day? A little something to motivate you, or something to open your mind to new ways of thinking? A great way to start your day is with some meditation, some yoga, some visualization…
montreal life coaching
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Monthly Feature: Certified Life Coach Montreal | Life Coaching Montreal

Insight on a Montreal Life and Business Coach  Let's face it we all go through some unexpected turns in life. Sometimes it's harder than others to pull yourself out. You can't use the same mindset to get out of a situation like the one you…
Saint henri -

The First Co-Working Space for female entrepreneurs in Canada | Feature.

It is never easy to start a business, ask any entrepreneur that you know. They will tell you that their journey might be a bit lonely and full of surprises. I worked with a lot of startups around Montreal and if there is one thing that I learned,…

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Montreal Tips helps you know the ins and outs of Montreal: nature trails, main attractions, women entrepreneurs, businesses that are worth checking out.

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At Montreal tips we cover topics that help you find your passions around the city and find activities aligned with your interest.

Montreal is a diverse and dynamic city with so much to offer. From hikes through the woods, to family staycations, to events and spaces for entrepreneurs and, of course, a night on the town, there is truly something for everyone in and around Montreal.

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The mission and purpose of Montreal Tips is to support ideas, entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, causes and local talent, helping them succeed while helping Montrealers and tourists discover new businesses, activities and experiences.


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